Minding My Mind – The Introduction

Over the last number of weeks, I’ve been contemplating what direction in which I should take my blog next. Recently, I’ve put a big emphasis on writing about heavy, often controversial topics of great interest, importance and meaning to me, from obesity and rape culture to depression and abortion, all of which I believe deserve to be spoken about more frequently in order to raise awareness and improve understanding. While I thoroughly enjoy delving into this sort of writing, I began to feel like my content needed a bit of a change-up and a fresh approach. In brainstorming for this edge I felt I was lacking, I began to explore how I, myself, me, am feeling right here and now, and honestly, the answer to that is – not so good.

For the last few weeks, or maybe even months, I’ve been feeling this ’emptiness’ that I can’t quite put into words. No particular trauma or hardship has left me emotionally scratched, yet, I feel as if I’ve been hit by something that has overall knocked me sideways a little. It finally occurred to me that this ’emptiness’ I’ve been feeling is my body and mind’s way of letting me know it’s feeling a bit neglected, and at that moment, it all clicked into place. There’s no denying that I’ve been treating both my body and mind with far less care than they deserve recently. From poor diet choices and under-eating, lack of exercise, insufficient sleep and unhealthy anxiety levels, it’s no wonder I’ve been feeling mentally and physically shit across all levels.

I can’t really put this self neglect down to anything in particular. I could say that ‘life just got in the way’ but even I know that’s just a petty excuse. As cliche as it sounds, your health really is your wealth and your physical and mental well being really do determine how you perform in and react to different situations, whether that be how you carry out your work/studies or the way in which you interact within the relationships in your life. Your health is the one thing in life that can never be determined by your financial state and as someone who is blessed enough to have no serious ailments, it’s about time I appreciated my body/mind and took the best possible care of them.

Having come to this realisation, I decided that the direction I want my blog content to take right now is one of self love, health and well being, with a focus on the stark, honesty of all that comes with a lifestyle/mentality overhaul, and so, this post marks the beginning of the Minding My Mind series. The content will be primarily based on fitness, clean eating, adjusting poor lifestyle patterns and taking better care of various aspects of my mental health, but I want you all to know that it won’t be your typical ‘inspirational fitness journey’ type series. While of course, I hope to inspire and spark thoughts in those who read and follow the posts, I won’t be sugar-coating anything.

In my attempt to overhaul my bad lifestyle practices, my aim is to be 100% with myself and my readers too. If I reach a major goal, I’ll write about it. If I relapse and repeat one of my biggest weaknesses, I’ll document that too. One thing I’ve never been afraid to do is admit when I’m wrong or have failed in some way, and I strongly believe that we succeed further by learning from what we’ve struggled with rather than gloating about what came easy to us. One of my all-time favourite quotes reads “you can learn great things from your mistakes when you aren’t busy denying them” and I plan to carry out this journey living by that exact message.

With regards to the actual content of these upcoming posts, I won’t be obeying any set structure as such. I intend to address my poor diet in a big way, increasing my intake of fruit, veg and protein massively and cutting out processed foods as much as possible. I’d like to highlight that any dietary changes won’t be with the intention of losing weight, in fact, weight loss isn’t a factor in this journey whatsoever. The exercise aspect will be for obvious health benefits but in particular, to improve my anxiety levels and manage extreme mood swings more effectively. As I come across foods and techniques that agree or disagree with me, I’ll share my experience of them with you by way of this series.

At the end of the day, I know that leading a healthy, positive lifestyle reaps endless benefits for both your physical and mental well being, but I also realise that making rather drastic adjustments to my daily life won’t be easy, no matter how much I want them to happen. In sharing this side of my life through my blog, I don’t aim to be put on some sort of pedestal. I know that there will be super successful days along with ones where everything seems to go wrong. That’s just life. I also know that I’m far from an expert on these areas, in particular, fitness, so there will no doubt we a lot of trial and error going on but hey, that’s what learning is all about, right?

This post should be going live on Sunday, Monday being the beginning of my initial lifestyle adjustments. My aim is to publish one post each week, in which I’ll compile everything and anything relevant from the previous week, from meal prep. faux pas’ to documenting any changes in my mood. I’ll also be posting additional bits across my social media channels throughout each week so keep an eye on my Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter for those. Thank you in advance to everyone (if anyone) who will follow this series, it’s definitely the most personal and exposing writing challenge I’ve taken on as it will never start or end after 800 odd words and the click of a ‘publish’ button.

J x


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