How To Achieve Your Dream Dressing Room On A High Street Budget


We’ve all been there, one little scroll through Pinterest and we’re lusting after the most luxurious and organised wardrobe spaces our eyes have ever seen. From the endless rows of perfectly arranged stilettos upon pristine shelves to the glamorous light fittings and chrome finishes, it’s no wonder our own wardrobes appear tiny and dissatisfying in comparison. While the majority of us can ill afford the designer dressing room interiors found on Pinterest, we can take the DIY approach in creating the beautifully-finished home our gúnas deserve and in this post, I’m going to show you exactly how to do so on a highstreet/basic budget.

Don’t Leave Me Hanging (..or do!)



We spend hundreds of euro on clothes each year so it’s only right that we look after them properly and give them pride of place in your wardrobe space. Rose gold has proven massively on trend so far this year, in everything from nails and jewellery to eye shadow palettes and runners so why not extend that touch of luxury to your hanging space too. I picked up these rose gold hangers from Penneys, a 5 pack for just 4.50 – suitable for even the tightest budget!. They’re so light and slimline that you’ll be able to fit much more clothes into a smaller area which is amazing news for anyone with restricted hanging space.

Gone Off The Rails


While traditional wardrobes are usually the go-to for storing your clothes and shoes, a minimal clothes rail can have many benefits. Because they’re so lightweight, narrow and easy to transport/assemble, they’re perfect for anyone who moves around a lot and doesn’t want to commit to a heavy, expensive wardrobe but still has a lot of clothing they need to organise and store. A clothes rail is also amazing for anyone with a keen interest in fashion such as bloggers and stylists, ideal for putting outfits together and planning for events ahead. I bought this simple, one rail piece with a shoe rail at the bottom, from Argos for just 18.99.

Shop it HERE;

Get Creative


In order to take your dressing area from basic to beautiful, you’ll need a dash of accessorizing but that doesn’t necessarily mean an huge extra expense. Wall prints with fashion quotes or illustrations will look amazing framed on your walls or perched on your dresser and are so simple to create using the DIY approach. Simply print off some images from Tumblr and pop them in minimalist frames (you’ll find bargains in Ikea and various ‘home stores’.


Counter-top storage is another super affordable way to give your dressing area that extra bit of glamour while still keeping everything organised to a tee. Penneys’ beloved acrylic makeup holders are a prime example (and budget savvy too at 3.50 a pop), as are any of the cute boxes and bowls you’ll find in most highstreet stores these days.

Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall


And to complete your dream interior, the perfect mirror or three will instantly give the illusion of a bigger space, not to mention make the space look ten times more luxurious. A full length mirror can be left free standing or attached to the door of your wardrobe if you’re stuck for space. A smaller framed mirror for makeup application and general aesthetic beauty can be customised at a tiny cost with spray paint or even the tester pots of paint you’ll find at your nearest hardware store.

Back To Basics


Once you have the perfect storage space and quirky accessories sorted, it’s time to take a look at your wardrobe’s actual contents. Half of the time, we become so fed up of our closet space simply because it’s so overloaded with crap we don’t wear or need. Having a major clearout of your clothes will instantly give you a less cluttered dressing area and will make life much easier when it comes to putting together an outfit for an event.

If after clearing everything out, you feel that your wardrobe is missing some key elements, don’t just hit up River Island and buy the first 5 items you see in the New Arrivals section. Make a list of the staple pieces that you know you’ll get infinite wear out of and focus on adding these to your collection. For me, this list would consist of classic, timeless pieces in neutrals or monochrome, that have structure to them. Your overall wardrobe should consist of 70% timeless classics and 30% ‘on-trend’ pieces (because tropical prints and metallic won’t stay in fashion forever).

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