7 Irish Instagrammers You Need To Be Following

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A lot of my recent posts have been based on very serious, controversial topics so I said I’d take a break from that and do something a little more light hearted and inspiring. As a blogger and writer, I take inspiration from so many different sources and Instagram is by far my favourite platform for doing that. I follow so many fabulous accounts that I’d be forever naming so instead, I’ve compiled a list of my favourite Irish Instagrammers that I think everyone should be following. Hope you enjoy!

Margaret Urbanowicz (4ngstyle)


Fellow Corkonian Margaret’s Insta is the perfect balance of fashion, food, nature and architecture (we share a love of pretty doors). Her sense of style is TO DIE FOR and her feed is so aesthetically pleasing it almost hurts. Lovers of monochrome clothing and those who appreciate a beautifully arranged flatlay need to get following her, like now. P.S – that hair! Seriously makes me consider getting a lob (long bob) myself.

Rosemary Mac Cabe (rosemarymaccabe)


Anyone who’s spoken to me ever will know how much I adore Rosemary Mac Cabe. The woman is a witty genius and her Snapchat stories are my equivalent of the morning papers. Rosemary’s feed is a fabulous mixture of healthy food-spiration, gorgeous views of Dublin (that make me wish I still lived there) and her adorable pooch Coilean. One thing I love about her IG is the array of different images and how each of them really captures the moment naturally, just like a photo should, without being staged or over analyzed. Go follow!

Roisin Cottrell (rozcottrell)


Could this lady be anymore of a babe?! Roisin’s feed gives me hair/outfit envy on a daily basis, her brows are insanely on point and she’s probably the only one who could ever wear pearl cat ears and still look 10/1o gorgeous! Her photos vary from fashion and beauty inspired  to travel and study related. You’ll love her IG if you too are a fashion-forward student.

Erika Fox (retroflame)


If you have any interest in Irish bloggers then you’re probably already following Erika, if not, you will be by the end of this post. This native Kerry lady never gets it wrong with regards to styling and her snaps of NYC make me want to hop on a plane there right now. If you love festival fashion and classy chic looks, this girl is one to watch. She’s definitely one of my biggest blogging inspirations and the fact that she’s from just down the road from me makes her even more lovable.

Ciara Walsh (ciaraswalsh)


Ciara is one of my all-time favourite bloggers and she’s such a genuinely gorgeous person( inside and out). Because she lives in Italy, her feed is filled with stunning images of the country’s scenery and architecture, from Rome and Bologna to Venice and Capri, making me itch to go visit there again. You’ll also find her OOTD snaps which will no doubt give you endless outfit inspo, and she too has an equal adoration for pretty doors!

Sarah Hanrahan (i_come_undone)


Sarah’s IG was one of the first I began following when I started out as a blogger and I still love it to this day. Her feed showcases her unique, edgy style to perfection and her looks always provide me with a bit of inspiration, whether it be some quirky footwear or just a different way of wearing a scarf. She also features lots of recommendations for the best Dublin eateries, so for that alone she’s worth a follow!

Roz Purcell (rozannapurcell)


Rozanna always has, and forever will be my biggest girl crush and being told I look even slightly like her is the biggest compliment I ever get. This lady’s feed will provide you with never ending hunger pangs for her delicious Natural Born Feeder creations and make you wish you could look that unreal with zero makeup post-workout. Oh, and did I mention Wilko? Cutest puppy ever!

J x

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