My Haircare Must Haves

My Hair Timeline (the good, the bad and the ugly)

2000 – aged 2


Ever since I can remember, my hair has been the one feature of mine that got the most attention. Born with a mass of black fluffy locks, I never had a shortage of it and therefore, was forever experimenting with it. Up until the age of 13, it was always waist length and natural but of course, when I hit the ‘troublesome teens’ I had the brilliant idea (it really wasn’t) to go red. Not just a tinge of auburn or a few highlights, but full on Rihanna 2011 red. Not only did I think a colour transformation was in order, I also decided to go from Rapunzel to soccer mom in 3 minutes flat. Don’t believe me? Here’s the evidence, which was carefully removed from Facebook about 3 years ago.

2012 – age 14


Shocking, I know, what the hell was I thinking! And that pose..mortified..Of course, unnatural colours like red and purple are very harsh on the hair and after a few weeks, they fade to a horrible copper tone. It took me a good 2 years to grow out the aftermath, not to mention having to work with that god awful ‘full turned side fringe’. Now, 4 years on, I’m finally loving my hair again and can’t see myself dying it anytime soon. It’s healthy, shiny and ass length, and even though it takes hours to dry, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

2016 – age 18


My Must Have Hair Products


To a lot of people’s surprise, I actually use very few products or tools on my hair. I rarely use a straightener or curler and can’t even remember the last time I bought hairspray. I generally wash my hair ever 3-4 days which may not seem like a lot but it’s honestly enough for my hair type.

  1. Mane ‘N Tail Deep Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner



I’ve gone through a dozen different shampoo/conditioner brands, with everything from Dove and Tresemme to L’Oreal and Aussie, but my all time and current favourite has to be Mane ‘N Tail. My hair is left feeling incredibly soft and healthy after each use and it has also strengthened my hair considerably. There are a few different types available to cater for various hair types but I find the Deep Moisturizing range works perfectly for me. The range retails from 6.95 – 12.95 and can be found it most big supermarkets and pharmacies nationwide.

2. Batiste Stylist Texturising Spray


I only started using this product recently and I don’t usually buy into sprays that claim to do this that and the other but I’m actually super impressed with this Texturizing Spray from Batiste. You simply spray it all over fresh, dry hair from roots to ended and scrunch it in, leaving you with silky, volumised locks. I love how lightweight it is, as a lot of similar products have left my hair greasy and heavy in the past. I picked it up for 4.95 in Penneys and you can also find it in Boots and on

3. Paddle Brush


I can’t stress enough how important a paddle brush is for long/thick hair. It’s ideal for untangling the pesky knots that come with having longer hair and it also leaves you with a much smoother finish. I picked up this one in TK Maxx for 7 last year but you can find them almost anywhere, I know Penneys have some gorgeous ones for 2-3 at the moment.

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