Nailed It! – How I Keep My Nails Looking On Point

An Domhan I Mo Cheann(1)Hi everyone,

Hope you’re all having a great week so far. Today’s post is one I’ve been meaning to write for quite a while. Since I can ever remember, my nails have always gotten quite a lot of attention and compliments. Most people assume they’re false and/or professionally done, however, I have never been to a nail technician in my life. I also get asked how I maintain the shape of my nails and keep them healthy and strong. I have honestly never put huge effort into doing my nails and I don’t have any big secrets or quick fixes to keep them in top condition, but I do have a few little tips that I feel could be of use to you ladies. As always, feel free to leave any questions or comments below.


At a glance, I guess you could mistake my nails as being fake, something I usually take as a compliment. Thankfully, I’m lucky to have very strong nails with a naturally smooth shape, I don’t own a nail file! Personally, I think attractive, well kept nails are always lovely to see and in a way, they help me form an opinion of people when I meet them. If you think about it, if someone has dirty, unkempt nails, you automatically assume that they too are disorganised, and the same goes for people with neat, well cared for nails, they’re generally organised people who take pride in their appearance.

As I said above, I don’t have any magical treatments or quick fixes for making your nails perfect, but I do have a few tips and products that can definitely make a difference, as proven by my own nails.

1. An Effective Base Coat

essieJust like we use a primer on our face before applying foundation, our nails also need a ‘primer’ of sorts before we apply colour. A base coat has numerous benefits for nails, it smooths out ridges, leaving a tidier finish, as well as preventing nail discolouration that often occurs when using polishes in red or purple shades. In addition to this, a decent base coat can also be used on its own without any colour on top. Personally, I find that leaving your nails completely stripped of product can be more harmful than anything else, especially if your nails are exposed to harsh conditions. Working in a laboratory on a regular basis, I find that the combination of various chemicals and latex gloves can be unkind to nails. I use the Essie First Base Coat, which I picked up for 6.99 in TK Maxx, and it works wonders.

2. Never Pick At/Peel Your Polish

No, no, never! The worst thing you could possibly do is peel/pick off your polish as it begins to chip. I know so many people with this bad habit and it’s really damaging on the nails. You’re not only stripping off the polish but also the top layer of the nail bed, which will leave it dry and ridged. Please resist the urge next time your polish starts to chip, and reach for the polish remover instead, you’ll thank me later!

3. Use a Quick Drying Spray When In A Rush

psWe all know there’s nothing worse than putting effort into painting your nails, only for them to smudge. This Fast Drying Spray from the P.S range at Penneys is fantastic and retails at just 1.50! Simply spray on painted nails and allow 30 seconds to set. There are lots of similar sprays available but this one does the job just fine and is an absolute bargain!

4. Increase Your Vitamin C Intake


Vitamin C has endless benefits to our body, one of which is its ability to strengthen nails. Vitamin C helps maintain the integrity of our nails by strengthening our skin, connective tissue, bones, and blood vessel walls. In addition to this, it can also prevent hangnails. Ingesting vitamin C is the best route for optimal nail health, so be sure to eat citrus fruits often.

With regards to products, I’ve never been a fan of high end nail polishes due to the price. Nail polish is something you need in a large variety of colours so I could never condone spending 30 on one polish, when drugstore brands do the exact same job for a fraction of the price. Here’s a few of my all time favourite nail polishes;

1. SOSU by Suzanne Jackson ‘I Do’ RRP 7.99


2. Rimmel London Salon Pro By Kate ‘Hip Hop’ RRP 6.49



3. Rimmel London Glitter Bomb ‘Bling Thing’ 5.49


J x

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