Brighter Days Ahead – My Take On College Life So Far

Hi everyone,

Happy Friday! I hope you all had a great week and are enjoying the very autumnal weather we’re experiencing at the moment. As you’ve probably noticed, there’s been a lack of content from me over the last few weeks, and the reason for this is the topic of tonight’s post. Moving away from home and starting university has definitely been the most life-changing event in my 17 years on this planet. Although I wouldn’t consider myself a home bird, and I’m certainly open to new things, the whole experience has without a doubt been stressful,time consuming and emotional, but in saying that, I wouldn’t change a thing. I really hope you enjoy this post as it’s pretty personal to me. If you’ve recently started college yourself, or have just landed in a new situation of any kind, I’m sure you’ll relate to me in some way. As always, I love to hear my reader’s thoughts and opinions so feel free to voice them below.

Course – Biological & Chemical Sciences


It sort of feels like a lifetime since Results Day so it’s hard to believe it was only 6 weeks ago. I can’t even begin to explain the feelings of relief, gratitude and excitement I experienced when I received my first choice CAO offer at 6am on that Monday morning. After months of stress and uncertainty, I was finally on the right path and about to begin an exciting new chapter of my life. After much deliberation, I chose Biological & Chemical Sciences, or Biochem as we like to call it, because of it’s diversity and huge range of opportunities. With 8 amazing science degrees to choose from, I knew the course was for me.

As courses go, it’s a fairly demanding one, approx. 30 hours a week between lectures, labs and tutorials, but it’s without a doubt a seriously interesting and diverse one. After Year One, there’s a choice of 8 amazing degree routes, from Physiology and Microbiology to Biochemistry and Science Education. At the moment, I think I’d love to do Biochemistry but I guess only time will tell..

Location – University College Cork


Having lived in Cork as a child and both of my parents being Corkonians, I guess it’s understandable why I already feel so at home in UCC. There’s honestly such a wonderful atmosphere on campus and I really couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else. The campus itself bares an uncanny resemblance to Hogwarts, which makes it even cooler. The place is full of history and character as well as being an all round amazing place to socialize. Just a short walk from the city centre, the campus is perfectly located in my opinion. There’s always something going on around you, and having lived in such a rural area up until now, I really feel my new urban surroundings are of great benefit to me with regards to blogging, as everything is so much more accessible now, (and yes I might be referring to Opera Lane’s fine shopping facilities a little bit here!). Not only do I believe it’s the most incredible college in the country, but so do The Sunday Times. Just this week, UCC was voted University Of The Year and I’m honestly so proud to be one of the privileged 20,000 students to be in attendance here.


People – Absolute Diamonds


I must admit, the factor that was worrying me most about starting this new chapter of my life was probably having to make new friends from scratch. As someone who suffers from anxiety, it’s easy to understand why such a task would be daunting for me. However, I couldn’t be more blessed with the people I’ve met so far. Living in a house with 7 others, whom I’d never met until moving in last month, I never imagined we’d all get along so well. They’re honestly some of the funniest and kindest people I’ve met and as cheesy as it may sound, I’ve definitely made some great friends in B2 (#cringeorwhat). I’ve also made some amazing friends within my course, and it’s crazy how you can get along and click with people so easily, despite only knowing them for a month or so. I guess that’s the beauty of college.

J x

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