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Sorry I haven’t posted in a little, I’ve been up the walls with college and getting ready to move. Today’s post however, is well worth the wait. I recently received an amazing parcel, all the way from Down Under – Perth, Australia! The brand, Real-U, “is a game-changing range of skincare products for people of all ages, to deal with problem skin”. Ebony, the Real-U skin guru, was so generous with the parcel, providing me with three amazing products from the range, as well as some other gorgeous treats. The three products I received are to be used together as a skincare routine. Each product is hypo-allergenic, free of benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid and is suitable for all skin types. The unique formulas have a soothing, cooling effect on the skin, which I found really fantastic.

Firstly, you have Step 1 in the skincare routine, the Gentle Foaming Wash. The formula contains soothing Aloe Vera, which leaves your skin feeling “clean, nourished and revitalised”. As well as this, it’s a pH balanced cleanser, which greatly reduces blemishes and redness on the skin, and manages oily and dry conditions. Before using the product, I removed my makeup with my NIMA Mitt and then applied the foam wash all over my face, avoiding the eye area. I was really impressed by the lightweight formula, which is a gel that forms a lather once in contact with the skin. It retails at $15 AUS Dollars for a 100ml bottle, which is just under €10, a great price for such an effective product.

Next, I used the Control+ Face Gel, which is specially formulated for more persistent and problematic skin conditions. Personally, I find that my skin becomes quite dry and irritated after I come out of the shower, so this gel worked really well to calm my skin down. I simply applied it all over my face, having already cleansed with the Foaming Wash. There’s no need to rinse the gel, leaving the skin to absorb it gives the best results. This product retails at $30 AUS Dollars for a 100ml bottle (approx. €20, which is well worth it as it will last you ages).

Lastly, I used the Hydrate Lite Moisturiser, which contains anti-oxidants for problem skin. I applied a layer of this product after using the Face Gel and I loved how hydrating it was on my skin, without clogging my pores. The product works to rebalance your skin and replenish essential skin nutrients. The Lite Moisturiser retails at $20 AUS Dollars, which works out at just under €13, very reasonable for a 100ml bottle.

Overall, I must say I’m really impressed with the Real-U products I’ve tested out. As someone who suffers with dry, irritated skin, I can assure you they’re completely suitable for problematic skin. The prices are affordable and you’re definitely getting amazing quality for your money. Real-U as a brand are incredible approachable, with fantastic customer service. Their website and Instagram page provides lots of info on new products, tips on how to use them and lots more. You can also contact Ebony, the Real-U skin guru with any queries, she’s such a lovely girl and so helpful. You can purchase from the Real-U Australia brand from their website, the ship worldwide, and you can follow their Instagram ‘realuaustralia’ for daily updates.

I hope you enjoyed my review of Real-U Australia Skincare, feel free to leave any comments or questions below.

Until next time,

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