Cocoa Brown Tan : In A League Of Its Own

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I hope Monday is going well for you all and that you had a great weekend. Today’s post is all about the nation’s favourite self-tanning brand Cocoa Brown Tan. Founded by the lovely Marissa Carter, the brand has had incredible success in recent times. From broadening its stock lists as far as the U.S and Australia to gaining some huge fans such as Hollywood reality starlet Kylie Jenner, Cocoa Brown just continues to grow and grow. As well as being a fantastic brand with regards to customer service and product quality, CB is of course, a home grown Irish company. There’s nothing I love more than promoting and supporting fellow Irish business people and brands so you will see lots of our very own finest names appearing in my blog in the near future.

Since a very early age, I’ve had a huge dislike, almost a fear, of fake tan. I think it stemmed from seeing so many women covered in layer upon layer of orange, looking more ‘Dorritoed’ than ‘sunkissed’! While the majority of my friends had begun applying fake tan around the time we started secondary school, I was very reluctant due to the horrific self-tanning jobs I’d seen. The first time I applied fake tan was at the start of this year, age 17. I was sick of looking like a ghost alongside my friends in photos from nights out so I decided to search for a tan that would cure my tan phobia. Having heard amazing reviews about Cocoa Brown, I picked up a bottle of Marissa’s 1 Hour Tan Mousse in Penneys and I’ve never looked back!

CB claims to leave you with “beautifully bronzed, radiant skin in just 1 hour” and that’s exactly what it does. The mousse formula is very easy to apply, reducing the chances of streaking. Unlike most self-tanners, Cocoa Brown has a pleasant smell, so your room will be odor-free after Tanning Thursday! Another thing I love about the CB 1 Hour Tan Mousse is that it goes on with a slight tint ever before it develops, ensuring you don’t miss any spots or over tan any one area.

Personally, I find Cocoa Brown to be a very approachable, customer friendly brand. You can contact Marissa and her girls through Instagram, Twitter and by email, and they’re always more than willing to answer any questions you may have. There’s always updates of new products posted on all of CB’s social media platforms too. I’m also very lucky to have the fabulous Kate Kelly, PR & Marketing Executive for Cocoa Brown, as one of my own brand’s ambassadors, and she’s just brilliant for sharing her CB tanning tips!

Overall, Cocoa Brown is in my opinion, THE best self-tanning brand on the market today, in terms of quality, affordability, customer service and all round amazingness! If you’re interested in purchasing some Cocoa Brown magic for yourself, you can visit the Cocoa Brown website to see a full list of their suppliers in both Ireland and abroad. You can also buy CB by Marissa Carter online from, and

I hope you enjoyed today’s post, as always, feel free to leave feedback or questions below.

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