Review – Why NIMA Brushes Are The Best Around

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Happy Friday! I hope you’re all having a great day and ready to enjoy the weekend. Today’s post is all about the Irish makeup brush brand NIMA. I bought my first NIMA brush about 6 months ago and I’ll honestly never use another brand of brush again. My Instagram followers will have seen that I purchased some NIMA products last week, bringing my NIMA brush collection to 7. I said it would be best to wait until I had purchased a good few different types of brushes before I posted a review so that I could be as honest and informative as possible. I really hope you enjoy this post, there’s nothing I love more than promoting and supporting fellow Irish businesses and brands.

So by way of introductions, NIMA Brush is a new Irish cosmetic brush company specialising in Professional Make Up tools. The brand holds many award titles, including U Magazine The Beauty Awards ‘Best Professional Brush Range’ 2015, among many others. NIMA Brush was established by long time Irish makeup artist, Niamh Martin, after over a decade working as a professional in the Irish and UK market. The name NIMA of course comes from the founder, Niamh Martin herself. According to Niamh, “​NIMA Brush specialise in brushes which are manufactured using the most natural fibres and strongest brush ferrules. This will ensure your brush not only lasts for you, but is of the highest professional grade.​”

The seven NIMA brushes I own, from left to right are; The Rosie, The Jane, The CJ, The Emma, The Ollie, The Danielle and The Kate. These are a range of contouring, foundation, powder, concealer, eye and lip brushes which retail at between €10-€22, considerably cheaper than the likes of MAC and Benefit. NIMA offers a range of brush sets as well as the individual brushes I prefer to opt for, so there’s something for everyone, whether you’re a makeup newbie or a professional. The quality of Niamh’s brushes are second to none. I’ve seen a noticeable difference in how my makeup goes on, (my foundation, which is only a Rimmel one, looks airbrushed thanks to The Jane). Also, these brushes wash remarkably well! I clean mine one a week using regular shampoo and warm water and they always come out looking brand new and completely spotless, even The Danielle eyeliner brush.

A new product on the NIMA website is the NIMA Mitt. I received this free with my order last week as part of a special offer, and it retails at €9.95 on the website. “The Nima Mitt is an Irish, eco-friendly makeup removal mitt brought to us by Nima Brush. It’s simply very, very, tiny fibres (smaller than a human hair) are closely woven and when wet with just regular tap water they can be swept over the skin to remove makeup, oil, grime – all that nasty stuff without causing any irritation to the skin.” Sounds fantastic right? I haven’t gotten around to using mine yet but I’ve heard some great reviews about it so I’ll definitely be testing it out soon. Perfect to use after a long day at work or a night out, when the last thing you want to do is cleanse, tone and moisturize but you know it’s just too naughty not to clean of your makeup (we’ve all been there, tut tut).

Overall, I really can’t recommend NIMA brush enough. A fantastic Irish brand run by the fabulous Niamh Martin, NIMA offers affordable products of the highest standard, along with first class customer service. You can shop at NIMA brush by clicking on any of the images above, and they even ship worldwide, great news for my international readers! You can also follow NIMA Brush on Instagram ‘nimabrush’. Thanks a million for reading my post, I hope I’ve encouraged you to support this fantastic Irish brand as it really is deserving of it. As always, any questions can be left below.

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