5 Irish Women That Have Inspired Me

Hi ladies,

Welcome back to An Domhan I Mo Cheann. Tonight I’m steering away from my usual style and beauty posts, focusing on something more personal. As a young woman growing up in 2015 modern Ireland, so many fellow Irish ladies have had a huge impact on me, inspiring me in many different ways. I thought it would be fitting to dedicate such a post to these wonderful women, as I myself broaden my horizon and leap into exciting new ventures. Each of these women are strong, intelligent, resilient, beautiful on both the inside and outside. They have all taught me different things and I thank them for this. I really hope you enjoy this post as it’s something I’ve been meaning to share for a while, supporting and celebrating our fellow Irish women.

1. Marissa Carter

I doubt I even need to introduce this lady, she’s that successful! Marissa Carter, founder and CEO of Cocoa Brown Tan is without a doubt one of Ireland’s most successful business women at the moment. With both beauty and brains to burn, Marissa has been a huge inspiration to me as I took the leap and ventured into business myself this year.What really stands out about Marissa and her business is that she genuinely connects with her customers. With her huge success in recent times, nobody would blame her if she became a little disconnected from her followers but that’s not Marissa. She takes huge pride in connecting with those who love her brand and that really impresses me. Down to earth, incredibly natural and so easy to relate to, Marissa is a huge inspiration to her fellow Irish ladies. There really is nothing nicer than seeing a business woman who genuinely cares about those who buy from her brand, always on hand to give tips and answer any questions you may have. I really believe her admirable attitude towards her career is why she’s such a well loved and respected business woman today. Keep up the incredible work, you’re an absolute star, Marissa!

2. Rozanna Purcell

Many of you know Rozanna Purcell as one of Ireland’s most gorgeous models, but that really is just one part of this incredibly inspirational lady. To me, Roz is an exceptional example of a strong Irish woman, both physically and mentally. Although she’s a big name in the Irish fashion and modelling industry, she in no way follows the somewhat negative stereotype of your ‘typical model’. Her attitude towards healthy eating, fitness and a positive mental state have to be admired. She is open about her lifestyle, through her various social media platforms and that in itself allows her to inspire many Irish women, showing them that beautiful means healthy, strong and positive. Roz is so much more than ‘just a pretty face’ and her amazing new venture, Natural Born Feeder proves that.

3. Suzanne Jackson

Blogger, author, columnist and business women, Suzanne, or as many of us know her, So Sue Me, is probably the most admired women in the Irish blogging circle at present. Having just launched her own brand, SOSU, her name is hot on all of our lips, and for all the right reasons. Over the last number of months, Sue has inspired me personally, as I’ve learned more and more about her story and path to success. She is a prime example of someone who created something so incredible out of a tough and challenging situation, when she so easily could have let it bring her down. Hard working, driven, and incredibly passionate about everything she does, Suzanne shows how it’s possible to achieve your dreams if you’re dedicated enough. As well as all that, she’s incredibly down to earth and approachable, such important and admirable traits in a public figure, making her an even more inspirational lady in my eyes.

4. Leanne Woodfull

Quirky, eccentric and incredibly beautiful, I first found Leanne about three years ago when I came across her YouTube channel. As a fellow Irish teenager, she became a great source of advice, someone I could relate to. Years later, I’m still an avid reader of her hugely successful blog and I can honestly say I’m so proud of how far she’s come. Having followed her since she was a teen and to now see her as a strong, grounded young woman, it makes her even easier to relate to. Leanne used her own personal experiences in such a positive way to help her become the amazing person she is today. Her honest attitude towards life’s struggles is incredibly refreshing and I can’t thank her enough for showing me that your dreams can become reality if you truly believe in your capabilities.

5. Norah Casey

In a male dominated business world, Norah Casey proved that women really are becoming incredibly important and respected by both men and fellow women alike. As an entrepreneur and CEO of Harmonia, Ireland’s largest magazine publishing company, I am hugely impressed and inspired by Norah’s work. Strong, self motivated and so wise, she stands out to me as one of Ireland’s most powerful women in this century. As the only female on a male dominated Dragon’s Den panel, Norah showed us that a woman can do any job just as good as a man, but in most cases, a whole lot better! There shouldn’t have to be a divide between the genders in the business world, especially in modern day Ireland, but I believe Norah’s success is certainly giving Irish women the courage and motivation to leap into business ventures themselves, without the aid of a man.

Of course, there are dozens and dozens of hugely inspirational Irish women that I could have mentioned but I said I’d stick to these five ladies who have had a real impact on my perception of a woman’s power. All from very different walks of life and successful in very different ways, they all have one thing in common – each of these ladies has achieved her dreams and destroyed the misconceptions that women were the weaker gender. I hope you enjoyed this piece and perhaps found a new Irish lady to be inspired by. My own little piece of advice is to just completely focus on your dreams and never ever give up on what you want to achieve regardless of what anyone else says or does. Life is far too short to be doing anything other than what makes you happy.

Until next time,

Love and hugs,

Jacqueline x


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