My Thoughts on the Upcoming Marriage Equality Referendum

(Repost from my old blog, originally posted on 28th April 2015).

On my very first day of senior infants, at the mere age of five, I met my best friend *John. We played in the school yard, we drew pictures and we formed a bond that would prove unbreakable. Over twelve years on, John and I are still the best of friends, and that bond is stronger than ever. John is smart, loyal, creative, funny beyond words, talented, compassionate and ambitious. John has been there for me through thick and thin, he is the definition of a true friend. John is the best friend anyone could ever ask for and I’m proud to call him mine. Oh, and one other little thing – John is gay.

In 2015 modern Ireland, I shouldn’t even have to make that statement. Nothing in this world makes me more angry than the fact that in a developed, highly established republic like Ireland, being a homosexual is still not accepted by many. Growing up with John, I never ever saw him as being in any way different to me or my other friends. Because he isn’t different. John is just an ordinary 17 year old guy growing up in Ireland, who is judged and made feel inferior on a daily basis, just like the other estimated 300,000 gay men and women living in Ireland at present. And for what reason? Well, purely because of the narrow minded, idiotic members of society, also known as the ‘Vote No Campaigners’.

Homophobic, in my opinion, is one of the vilest things a person could be. Under absolutely no circumstances, should someone be victimised, bullied and sneered at because of their sexuality. Nobody wakes up one day and decides they want to be straight, gay, bi, or transgender. We are who we are, and it’s a human right to be allowed to be that person, and to do so without judgement from others. In this day and age, I really don’t think this should even be up for discussion, never mind a referendum on it, but here we are in 2015, campaigning for ordinary people to be given the right to lead ordinary lives. Absolute fucking madness.

Personally, I’ve never been a fan of the Catholic Church. Following a hypocritical organisation that boasts a reputation of nepotism, child abuse and financial corruption has never been top of my priorities, but hey that’s just me. As much as I show no interest in the religion, I would never go as far as to say I despise it, that is, until now. One thing I noticed about the vast majority of Vote No campaigners is that they also happen to be total and utter lick-arses to the Catholic Church. I feel physically sick every time I see one of their nonsensical ‘Vote No’ posters. “Vote No, because every child deserves a mother and a father.” Why/ Why is that? Are you trying yo tell me that every child in a single parent family is drastically deprived then too, yeah?  There is absolutely no logical reason as to why two men or two women, financially stable in a loving home, could not be as good parents as a man and woman in the same circumstances, absolutely none. If anything, the children of same sex couples would prove even more wanted and loved than the children of a heterosexual couple who fail to look after their kids properly. If the decision is made by a gay couple to raise a child, that decision will have taken a great deal of time and effort, and thus, that child is guaranteed to be 100% wanted and loved. My point proven.

There is absolutely no logical reason as to why gay people should not be allowed to marry or to raise a child. If anyone has some time to spare, I seriously suggest you go ask a Vote No campaigner why the above is considered wrong, I guarantee you nothing but utter bullshit will come out of their mouth. Plus you can have a laugh at how idiotic they are, always a bonus! I could go on forever defending this cause as I’m honestly so passionate about it but I think I’ve made my views pretty clear. So on May 22nd, if you are of voting age please,please Vote YES for Marriage Equality in Ireland and if you are too young to vote, then do your bit by spreading the word and encouraging others to do so. Do it for *John, do it for every single gay Irish citizen, do it for Ireland. Let us be the generation responsible for much needed change.

J x

*Name changed for privacy reasons.


Four-story mural of two men embracing by Irish illustrator and street artist Joe Caslin on South Great Georges Street in downtown Dublin.


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