July Buys – My Latest Shoe Haul

July Buys – My Shoe Haul


Hi ladies,

It’s been quite a while since I did a proper blog post! I’ve been so busy with my new venture (more on that soon) and my new day job that I just haven’t had a chance. I have been doing some outfit stylings and haul updates on my Instagram but I felt it was best to wait until I had time to do a proper blog post, rather than giving you some half hearted attempt. Anyone that knows me will agree with me when I say I never do anything in half measures!

 Despite everything that’s been going on, I did find some time to browse my favourite online stores for some bargains ( mostly at 2am when I was wired from coffee after doing hours of website work). As you’ve probably seen, almost all of our favourite sites have had huge summer sales on, from Missguided and ASOS to River Island and Boohoo. I must confess, I’m an absolute sucker for sales and when there’s such amazing pieces at bargain prices? Sure it would be rude not to pick up something!


The amount of clothes, shoes and accessories I’ve nabbed in the sales over the last month is unbelievable, and if I was to do a haul including every item I would be typing all night (not to mention having palpitations when it hits me how much I’ve spent!). So instead, I’m going to break back into blogging with a shoe haul, showing you the fabulous footwear I’ve picked up recently. They range from high end highstreet to bargain buys in some unlikely stores, and of course, good old ‘Penneys best’! If you have any questions about the items featured, feel free to comment below.


The first pair of shoes I’m going to show you are from my all-time favourite shop, River Island. I spend a small fortune there every month but it’s always 100% worth it. In my opinion, the quality of the products are fantastic for a high street brand and the items are always so up to date with the latest trends. I picked up these gorgeous black and gold strappy heeled sandals in the RI Sale two weeks ago. They were reduced from €75 to €35, a great price for such an on trend shoe. I got mine in a UK size 5 and they fit perfectly. I think they’re a little small fitting as I often only take a UK 4 in those style of heels. I haven’t had a chance to wear them yet but I had a little stroll around the house in them and they’re pretty comfortable and easy to walk in so far. I love this style of shoe as they go with everything. They could easily be styled casual with jeans and a blazer, or worn with a dress for a more formal occasion.

The next pair I got are also from River Island, and I bought them in the sale last week. These metallic silver dimante chunky heels are THE ultimate party shoe! They were reduced from €75 to €30 and they caught my eye immediately. I think every girl needs a really glitzy, fun, statement pair of shoes, that are still comfortable to party in. The chunky platform heel on these babies make them far more manageable to walk in than a stiletto, making them a great choice for a night out. They’re definitely the type of shoe that should be kept for an occasion, I’ll probably wear mine during the Christmas party season (yes I plan and shop VERY far ahead!). I also got these in a UK size 5 and they fit really nicely. I personally think shoes like these need to be worn with an equally glamorous oufit, ideal for wear at a wedding or race day.

Moving on from RI, I also bought some very on trend black suede lace up pointed flats. These are from good old Penneys and they were €13 (not in the sale). I got the UK size 4 as I usually take a size smaller in pointed shoes. These flats are perfect for casual wear with jeans but they would also look really cute with a dress, dressy but not OTT. Personally, I opt for Penneys when I’m looking for an on-trend piece, as they’re very affordable and you won’t mind when that item goes out of fashion because you didn’t spend loads on it. With regards to shoes, I usually tend to go for River Island, ASOS or even Kurt Geiger Carvela when I’m looking for a classic shoe, it’s worth spending extra if they’ll be wearable for years to come. These pointed flats are great value at €13, stylish, fun and comfy for day to day wear.

Lastly, I was shopping in Killarney today and I happened to spot these gorgeous leopard print suede pointed heels in..wait for it…Heatons! I honestly never shop in Heatons but my mam was having a look and I spotted these, reduced from €20 to just €7! They’re so comfy on and the quality is amazing for the price. The heel isn’t very high either, making them suitable for work or daywear. I think they have a 1960’s look about them, which is probably what attracted me as I adore the fashion from that era (the style in Heartbeat and The Royal is to die for, pardon the pun..). I got the UK size 5 and they’re a good fit. Leopard print is a great way to jazz up a minimalistic outfit, and I plan to team these with my old reliable black leather jacket and black ripped skinnies for a stylish daytime look.

I hope you enjoyed my shoe haul post, I know I enjoyed purchasing them! My apologies for taking so long to start blogging again , I promise my posts will become much more regular, I already have so many ideas for posts in the next few weeks. I love to hear your thoughts on my latest buys so feel free to leave a comment below, or on my Instagram page ‘siacailinnimhurchu’ (my name as Gaeilge for anyone that didn’t realise). 


Until next time, take care & much love,

Jacqueline x


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